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iSmart Joypad for iphone,Samsung & smartphone
iSmart Joypad for iphone,Samsung & smartphone

*The Ultimate mobile game control and increase precision with touchscreen-based for Racing,Fighter,Music gaming and etc.
*Works with iPhone5/4S/3G/iPod touch &Samsung Galaxy i 9300(S3).
*Includes 6 sets of plug & play suction cap conductive actions buttons for different stylus of gameplay.
*Works with your more favourite games of apps software.
*Variety colors available.

*适用于iPhone5/4S/3G/iPod Touch和三星Galaxy:í9300(S3)等等.

*精度を高めてタッチ スクリーン を基礎としてレース、戦闘機、音楽ゲーム等を終極のモバイル ゲームに コントロール。
*iPhone5/4S/3G/iPod TouchとSamsung Galaxy:í9300(S3)などに適用。

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