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Selfie Kit for iPhone 5S/5
Selfie Kit for iPhone 5S/5

Wireless Ultransoic camera remote control shutter

* For use with your iPhones, iPods and iPads.
* To take phone freely (WiFi/Bluetooth not necessary)
* Maximum remote distance: works up to 6~10 meters away
* Battery Cell required.
* Plug & Play
* Able to use in outdoor under sun light
* Free download the apps for application

Tripod Case

*Built-in retractable holder with tripod hole for tripod , car & bike mount.
*Case with cards holder & retractable stand to play on the table.
*Vertical and horixontal stand to view the movie or play the enterment on the desk.
*Card holders could hold credit cards.
*Prevent and sheild your iPhone from scratches,damages and dust


* The monopod allows iPhone being camera to be held steadier.
* It eliminates iPhone shake in the vertical plane.
* Selfie extendable Monopod
* Easy adjustment to any angle
* Wrist strap keeps the monopod secure when taking photo.
* Non-slip soft handle

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